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  1. Art must be 11x17" (Standard comic art size)

  2. No Nudity, sexually suggestive poses,
    or anti-Christian themes.

  3. To Enter you must share the Contest image/link on your social Media.

  4. Art can be B&W or color.    

  5. You can draw a single character with background or  a Team Image.

  6. Team Images must either be of multiple Star Cross Main characters together, or conversely, a single main character with some supporting cast from their own series. Team images do not require a background.

  7. Remnant / Tribulation Taskforce characters are not eligible for the contest UNLESS they are part of a team image with other Star Cross main characters.

  8. Winners will be judged by members of the Star Cross Fan Page Facebook group   (We suggest joining)


  10. Wining art becomes the property of Star Cross Comics.

  11. Entries that do now win, may be purchased by Star Cross Comics.

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