I love to tell stories, and I love to do it for the glory of God.

Whether it's a novel, an audio drama, a comic, a video, a game, or a podcast, you name it, let's do it! If it stirs the heart and imagination, if it excites and astounds, if it brings attention to Jesus Christ, bring it on.

God has blessed me with a creative mind and many means by which to use it, and I intend to honor Him in every creative thing I do, and if He wills it, I intend to do it a lot.

I want to use all my time, talent, and treasure to create cool things for Jesus! But sometimes the realities of living in a world run on money get in the way.


I'm a freelance artist and use most of my working hours and spare time, creating Christ-Centered entertainment for all ages in the form of comic books, games, and videos.


Would you consider helping support my family and creative ministry. I'm currently looking for monthly financial patrons to help support my family while I continue to use my time to fulfill my part in the great commission by creating the resources God has called me to make.

You can become a monthly supporter at Patreon.com/evandavidcomics

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